Personal Fitness

Ellie Steel,

Ellie is a world medal winning powerlifter and can work with professional riders helping with their fitness, core strength and balance.

While our horses fitness is a high priority for most riders not all of us take our own fitness so seriously. But times are changing and riders at every level are realising that rider fitness plays a major role in success. Being fit for the task in hand also helps to prevent injuries, with back pain being a common problem that can often be helped with regular exercises away from your horse.

Riding is a very demanding sport on the body, where nearly all major muscle groups are put under a degree of stress. Personal training can help a rider to achieve ‘oneness’ with their horse an no matter what your discipline, fitness play a very important part in success.

You do not need a gym for a session with Ellie, she is mobile and will travel to your yard or home.