La Fayette

By Berlin x Carthago Z x Voltaire
Studbook KWPN
This is a top combination in breedingline
Fathers jumped 160,championships and Olympics..!!
Their offspring do the same
The motherline looks fantastic …
Mother Caranka II WZ level 120
Her full sister Chiara WZ level 145
She brings Zycalin ( Berlin) level 160
Also she is the grandmother from the Approved stallion Ermindo W ( Singapore) level 150

Her full brother Cafino Z level 150
Half sister Dolce Vita WZ (Douglas)level 140
Half sister Verona ( Burggraaf) level140

The full sisters from the grandmother Laranka
– Olita level 135
– Naomi brings Ultimus( Ultimo) level 145








Breed: Berlin x Carthago Z x Voltaire
Sex: Mare
Passported: Yes
Size: 168